Upkeep - Non-conformities

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Updates and refreshes

There is extensive update guidance offered in the following chapters

All other non-conformities

figure 2a.1: dealing with non-conformities by cause

Figure 2a.1 addresses failed update (in red), but also three other causes. For these other causes, guidance is rather straightforward:

  • Either:
  • correct any error,
  • complete any ommission,
  • apply the new rules to the appropriate reference parcels,
  • log this remediation via the anomaly and.
  • investigate whether retroactive recovery is appropriate

There is no dedicated JRC guidance on the three processes because they have to be implemented according to each particular LPIS specification. However, some update techniques, such as on merging surveys or creating new RP identifiers can be applicable.

Obviously, the resulting reference parcel attribute values of these processes should be up to date where appropriate.

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