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Properties and consequences of manifest changes by type

The type of manifest change will, to a large extend, determine the further processing.

  1. Type I and III changes require an investigation on the need to input of a "new" reference area value in the concerned reference parcels. Type II changes need an new reference area by default.
  2. Some changes will need a change of the spatial (vector) information, either to establish the new reference area value or to demonstrate that this particular anomaly has been accommodated for. Type III changes always need a modification in the common boundary.
  3. The requirement to uniquely identify land, entails that type III changes require a new Reference parcel (with its new unique identification) to be created.

The complex interaction of these requirements are laid down in diagram 3d.1.

BP0112001 Process manifest changes.png

diagram 3d.1: activity diagram for processing of manifest changes

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