Upkeep - Examples merging surveys

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This article graphically illustrates how the congruency test is applied on two surveys and how the results are used to ensure both are correctly represented in a single local spatial reference.

Phase 1: local georeferencing of the reference image

Composing1 left.png
Composing1 right1.png

figure 4e.1: original (left) and georeferenced (right) reference image. The image is translated.

Phase 2: local georeferencing of the newly surveyed segment

Composing2 left.png
Composing2 right.png

figure 4e.2: original (left) and georeferenced (right) survey vector. The survey vector is translated.

Phase 3: selection of primary vertices

Composing3 left.png
Composing3 right.png

figure 3e.3: Original (left) and selected (right) boundary segments for construction of the new perimeter. The dangling segments beyond confirmed primary vertices are removed from both original perimeter and new survey vector.

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