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There currently no tools available for download. We do invite MS to share tools (e.g. to document anomalies or to perform a congruency test)


This first release of the LPIS upkeep business model is identified as v09. It is a pre-release, missing the glossary and maybe some bugs. A stable version, if any, and updates will be published on this article in due time.

The project file contains LPIS the full upkeep business model including actors, use cases, activity and sequence diagrams. These diagrams illustrate LPIS upkeep wikiCAP guidance. Each UML-element has a unique identification code to support communication and traceability. The model can be used for various scenario simulations.

The model is developed using and tested with Enterprise Architect v 10.0.1004 Professional version (http://www.sparxsystems.com.au/). It opens under different versions (tested with v7.5.850) but the scenario simulation depends on the license and version you use.

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