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Detection of manifest changes

The first step in updating is a visual inspection to determine whether a change has occurred. Further processing will only take place if a change is detected or confirmed.

From update point of view, the EC services consider three generic cases of manifest change:

  • type I: irreversible conversion of agricultural land covers inside reference parcel into a land cover ineligible for activation of SPS entitlements (2009R73 art34) or into land covers other than utilised agricultural area (2009R73 art 124), respectively for SPS and SAPS schemes (and vice versa).
  • type II: the appearance of permanent constructions, regardless of their width and size, on the RP
  • type III: any change in the perimeter of RP that causes agricultural land to be exchanged between at least two former reference parcels or allocates previously united land to at least 2 new reference parcels.

Note: type IV changes are considered as the correction of an ommission

BP0111001 Detect manifest changes.png

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