UPD triggers

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This process step is an obvious one: If no change has happened to the reference parcel, no further processing is required.

Some anomalies are, by default confirmed notably those who originated from trusted professionals:

  • LPIS change requests issued by OTSC inspectors
  • Non-conformities detected during the LPIS quality assessment
  • Updates from authentic registries from third party partners (e.g. new buildings is the cadastre, new roads from the transport ministry.
  • Anomalies that report a manifest change

For anomalies generated by other sources, it’s worth filtering out the irrelevant reports. To do so, one basically applies the same tools that the in-house professionals use to detect an anomaly.

  • Perform a visual inspection to confirm absence of a manifest change
  • If still in doubt, perform a congruency test.
  • Where applicable check whether the 2% stability threshold applies. For more guidance, please refer to section 5.6.

If an anomaly is filtered out, document and archive it appropriately.

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