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LPIS upkeep is the business process that is aimed at managing the spatial component of IACS. It is a continuous process that guarantees that the information system and the data residing in it allow the unique identification of its spatial features (reference parcels and EFA-elements) and the correct quantification of their area. It is an integral part of IACS, however, it runs quite separately from the annual process of farmer aid declaration or the LPIS quality assessment process.

The process of adapting the information system to the changes of the legal requirements or to the development of reference standards is called upgrade. The process of keeping data current is called update. Both can run in parallel with business processes that complete missing information or correct errors in general.

The use case of updating reference parcels involves the following generic process steps as described in the scenarios:

1. assess and categorise potential data sources,

2 .confirm anomaly

3. process the geometry in the LPIS

4. determine the validity for the new version

5. report lifecycle information and publish the new RP version

6. deal with the consequences (retroactive recovery)

This technical guidance also provides a set of instructions of technical activities that allow systematic collection of the necessary input. These are not necessarily linked to one particular phase of the upkeep process but can be applicable at several phases or even for other processes (OTSC, LPIS creation). They literally “plug in” to many IACS use cases.

  • Document anomalies,
  • Perform visual inspection,
  • Analyse manifest changes,
  • Merge surveys,
  • Assess pro-rata,
  • Perform congruency test,
  • Apply the 2% stability threshold criterion.


There is no corresponding DG Agri guidance document to the technical guidance.


  • CwRS: control with remote sensing
  • ETS: Executive Test Suite
  • IACS: integrated administration and control system
  • LC: land cover
  • LPIS: land parcel identification system
  • OTSC: on the spot check
  • QA: Quality Assessment
  • PG: permanent grassland
  • RP: reference parcel
  • UML: unified modelling language

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