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8.1 XML-delivery of the MTS package

The MTS is an element of the LPIS quality assessment framework. The MTS precedes the data conformance testing procedures of TG ETS. The MTS procedure above shall be performed each time when a new LCM or a local LPIS implementation (new eligibility profile, new database structure) is installed. In case no system redesign or substantial system upgrade are made on the SUT, there is no need to repeat the MTS for the annual quality assessment. It is sufficient to refer to the latest MTS report. The annual data ETS report shall indicate which year the last MTS was done and what the result of conformance statement was.

The upload and update of the MTS package values is synchronous with the upload of the ETS reporting package, set to the 31st of January following the assessment year.

Any change of the MTS or metadata values that are rather dynamic by nature (such as temporalExtent of SUT, a change of image specification / lineage / contractor or a change of third party metadata) can be reported by the 31st of January by manually updating the affected values in the MTS database. An LPIS QA portal application is available for data entry and these edits avert the need to upload a complete MTS package.

8.2 XML-delivery of the MTS package

The results of conformance testing are documented in a conformance test log (ModelTesSuite.XML). As documented above, this file shall provide an overview of the actual executive test cases executed in the assessment process and their verdicts (i.e. descriptions of the executable test cases and results). All necessary documents relating to the conduct of the model conformance assessment process for MTS are packaged in the MTS reporting package.

It consists of:

  • The mandatory MTS conformance testing log report file (ModelTesSuite.XML). A prefilled example is provided on:
  • The conditional MTS application schema (ModelTesSuite.XSD). This schema becomes mandatory when the default JRC application schema of the model ETS has been extended/modified by the MS. Otherwise it is optional.

The default application schema is provided on:

The example of one executable test case (within ModelTesSuite.XML) within Conformance test log report file is presented in the Figure 4.

Fig4 new.jpg

Figure 4 An extract of one executable test case from ModelTesSuite.XML

After all conformance report log file (ModelTesSuite.XML) are filled with data then it should be validated against corresponding application schema (ModelTesSuite.XSD). Only valid ModelTesSuite.XML files with at least 47 executable test case descriptions should be sent back to DG JRC.

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