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The eight qualifiers (nouns or adjectives) should be recorded in the appropriate element of the Ixit.xsd.

Qualifier Topic Ixit.xsd - entry
A Author / RP-type perimeterAuthorRPType
B Land cover borders landCoverBorders
C Landscape features landscapeFeatures
D RP assembly rPAssembly
E Pro-rata PG prorataPG
F Validation validation
G Availabilty availability
H Geospatial aid application gSAA

The schema descriptor can be downloaded from the LPIS schema registry: . The compiled xml files will have to be uploaded as the MTS package on the LPIS QA portal

A filled in example is available at

Alternatively, for 2016, the outcome can be documented in the MTS log file (Annex XI), where a separate IXIT tab has been included to accommodate the IUT values for each qualifier. The resulting values in the worksheet tab will have to be manually copied into the MTS database via an editing application provided by the LPIS QA portal.

The TG IXIT delivery is linked to the MTS reporting package.

After the initial complete MTS upload for 2016, new complete MTS packages shall only be uploaded if and when the SUT was subject to a system redesign or to a substantial system upgrade. Any substantial redesign or upgrade will inevitably impact on the TG IXIT data results.

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