PR Establishing the reference area

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  • The reference area of any reference parcel quantifies the totality of the eligible area it demarcates per scheme. The traditional agricultural area (arable, PG and permanent crops) are contributing in full, while the grassland with scattered ineligible features is contributing according to the eligibility rate of the pro rata category to which that class belongs.
  • If several types of agricultural land cover simultaneously exist within a single reference parcel, their respective area contributions, full or pro rata, are summed up for the reference area.
  • The reference area of all reference parcels where a pro rata class is present must be revised according to this common procedure.

Example of land cover inventory of a reference parcel and determination of the eligible hectares present, is given below:

LC Class Pro rata category Eligibility rate Geometric area [ha] Eligible hectares [ha]
Class 1 Grassland 100% 10 10
Class 8 Arable 100% 10 10
Class 5 Grassland60 60% 10 6
RP total n/a n/a 30 26

  • Although the sub-parcels that contributed to the reference area are not necessarily relevant for all IACS processes, the delineation vectors should remain accessible in the system as they may be reused at some point for the processes related to crop diversification and for the annual LPIS quality assessment.

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