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  • PG with scattered ineligible features are inherently risky in maximum eligible area terms as the very scattering imposes mapping challenges. This technical guidance proposes a systematic methodology that reduces the risk of a biased MEA value and that provides for simplification, accountability and precision.
  • The guidance sets out a dual framework wherein, pending on the parcel conditions, either one of two methodologies can be applied:
  1. a systematic methodology is appropriate when the deduction of the scattered features can be determined based on known characteristics of well identified land cover classes.
  2. a sporadic methodology is appropriate for conditions where only an individual, direct assessment of the proportion of grass is available.

Spatial resolution

  • IACS and The LPIS operate on a nominal scale of 1:5.000 and require a 0,01 ha area value precision. Practical considerations and technical recommendations for the implementation of this requirement are given in relevant guidance documents of DG AGRI (DSCG/2014/33) and DG JRC (DS-CDP-2015-10).
  • LPIS reference area should delineate the agricultural land cover in view of the above provisions; an exception may be made for isolated agricultural plots that are smaller than the minimum size set by the MS for an agricultural parcel, if applicable.
  • The minimum mapping units for subsequent exclusion by delineation from the reference area by group of land cover classes, are as follows :
  • artificial features that seal the soil surface (constructions, roads) : no minimum size applies and the feature must be mapped out.
  • non-agricultural land (i.e. single patches or clusters of non-agricultural land), that can neither be taken up by any agriculture activity (incl. grassland that is inaccessible for grazing) nor be considered part of the local established practices of the region: according to local LPIS RP specifications, not larger than 0,05 ha (500 m2) as specified in DSCG/2014/33.
  • The above conditions provide a rough indication of the maximum size of a single scattered feature; Assuming 4 features in a cluster, the average feature should remain below circa 0,0125 ha.

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