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Important considerations

This instruction applies to data or information that is:

  • consulted during the inspection or assessment process
  • considered by the MS as methodology relevant to be reported to the EC/JRC
  • but no template is available in the download pages.

Field inspection data (land cover survey or boundary point collection) and field observation records (formerly named RFV) collected during the LPIS QA process, as well as metadata of LPIS update evidences, are not subject to these non-structured evidence instructions as for these, the normal schemas of the download page apply.

Examples of such evidence are:

  • an third party evidence in relation to critical defect "incomplete block"
  • any evidence in relation to waiver E (classification correctness)
  • information on last systematic LPIS update (location and extent of the update zone(s), and the year(s) of completion of the systematic update)
  • any evidence in relation to F1 skipping reason (force majeure circumstances on LUI) or comments due to S1 skipping reason (erroneous scoping)
  • paper documents
  • any log file from the four-eye control
  • any log file from the orthoimagery quality control
  • ....

Preparing the non-structured evidence

To provide such unstructured evidence relevant for the inspection and analysis of a particular reference parcel, one needs to use a PDF format. The PDF file should be uploaded through the ETS Reporting Package as an OptionalSupportiveDocument.

To create the PDF, follow these steps:

  1. Indicate at the top of the each page the Annex I quality measure number where the evidence is used (i.e.: 10106).
  2. Group the various pieces of evidence per quality measure
  3. Order the grouped pages of the evidence according to the measure identification on top (i.e.: 10106 before 10107)
  4. Scan, or "print as" PDF all the individual pieces of evidence. The minimum resolution is 150dpi.
  5. Join/Merge all individual scans/prints into one PDF document per unique reference parcel where unstructured evidence is to be provided.
  6. Name the joined PDF according to the reference parcel unique identifier, with a prefix: “E_”, i.e.: E_AG0192-12.pdf
  7. Zip these pdf's for all concerned reference parcels in a single archive


The delivery of any non-structured evidence to JRC is left at the discretion of the EU MS Administration. It is not a compulsory element of the ETS reporting, however an entry functionality is made available in the LPIS QA Portal.

The following two entries are available:

  • otherGisLayers – for any spatially-related information implied from IXIT/MTS polychotomy and use of waivers
  • OptionalSupportiveDocument – for any other unstructured evidence (farmer paper documents, 4-eye control logs, etc.)

When a MS chooses not to upload the evidence above, it shall keep that information as archive to the ETS and make it available upon request.

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