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This LPIS UPKEEP article represents a 2013 (second) draft of guidance for upkeep processes. Since 2016, the UPDATE related elements have been formalized by the technical guidance update. This upkeep draft remains online for archiving reasons only The update category now holds the technical guidance for updating LPIS reference parcels.

This obsolete, draft guidance provides a comprehensive approach to the many concepts, activities and side aspects of the LPIS upkeep process. It results from further development of the 2009 LPIS dataflow article and describes how the reference parcels should be processed. The final objective is that reference parcel attribute values correctly and complete reflect the current situation on the ground regarding the contemporary set of IACS rules.

The articles hold data flow schemas derived from an Enterprise Architect model. That model provides the logic and business rules expressed in an IT-language. The main wikiCAP articles are textual simplifications of the schemas. Support articles provide in depth explanations and examples. The underlying UML model is obsolete and has been superseded by the draft LCM2 model.

The full model does NOT have to be copied without modification. Despite its detail, the model acts primarily as a conceptual one. LPIS custodians can adapt it to work inside their own IT architecture while respecting the underlying business logic.

You can make a pdf version of this draft guidance

1. Introduction

2. Dealing with anomalies

3. Reference parcel update/refresh process

4. Support