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The quality assurance framework of LPIS is an integral part of LPIS management and upkeep processes. In this framework, the LPIS of a MS/Region is regarded as a system under test (SUT), and the testing procedures are under shared management by EC services and Member States as laid down by Article 6 of (EU) Regulation No 640/2014.

The shared management implies three distinct data exchanges between Member States and EC services as illustrated in figure 1:

  • Information about the System Under Test (SUT), described in the Model Test Suite or TG MTS. It is delivered as the MTS reporting package.
  • An extract of the population of LPIS reference parcels to act as the basis of sampling. It is delivered in the file lpisPointZeroState.gml.
  • The inspection records that result from performing the data value tests described in TG ETS on the sampled items. This set is delivered as the ETS reporting package.

Portal exchange.jpg

Figure 1: Main LPIS QA data exchange packages through the LPIS QA portal

This technical guidance describes the data product specification of the lpisPointZeroState.gml file that holds a population of reference parcels that will be subject to sampling.

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