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version 6.4

LPIS Technical Guidance for ETS

This article is the table of contents of the revised LPIS QA data test suite (ETS).

  1. Chapter 1 provides the key concepts, activities and decision in the Data Product Specification (DPS) setup.
  2. Chapter 2 provides any ancillary data that does not form part of the formal ETS isnpection, such as illustrations, examples and elaborations. These have mostly been recovered and adapted from the ETS v6.3 wikipages.
  3. Chapter 3 consitutes a single page with download links to all relevant files and documents
  4. Chapter 4 consitutes a single page with some errata


  1. You can make a pdf version of the first chapter of this ETS guidance
  2. You can make a pdf version of the second, third and fourth chapter of this ETS guidance .

1. Technical guidance

1.1 Documentation
1.2 ETS_Scope
1.3 Data Structure: preparing reference parcel data
1.3.1 LpisPointZeroState examples
1.4 Reference parcel sampling and zone selection
1.5 Data capture: Inspecting RP data
1.5.1 Description of the inspection workflow
1.5.2 Inspection variants
1.5.3 Data maintenance: Dealing with updates during the inspection
1.6 Conformance statements
1.7 Delivery: Reporting packages
1.7.1 Provision of non-structured evidence

2. Additional information

2.1. Examples
2.1.1. Parcel design topics
2.1.2. ETS methodology topics
2.1.3. Frequent inspection errors
2.1.4. Detailed technical procedures - note: these three procedures are not copied into the on the fly pdf! GNSS measurement Field observation Combining CAPI and GNSS measurement
2.2. Experiences from the past
2.3. Tools
2.4. LPIS QA portal
2.5. JRC XML validator
2.6. Questions and answers
2.7. Questions and answers - OLD v.6.3
2.8. Questions and answers - OLD v.6.2
2.9. Questions and answers - OLD v.6.1


4. Errata v.6.4