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Can we provide non-CwRS imagery in MrSID?

Although MrSID is a well-known format for image compression, it is not accepted for non-CwRS upload as JRC has not yet assessed the usability of the MrSID with respect to data quality and preservation of the initial image detail in the LPIS QA context.

Delivery of orthoimagery generated with CwRS image data, but solely used for LPIS QA

Deliver as non-CwRS image data.

What data should be collected for the unstructured evidence upload?

This instruction applies to data or information that is additionally consulted and considered by the ETS inspector relevant for the interpretation of a particular reference parcel. Since it is assumed that most of the RPs can be inspected on the base of the reference data only, it is obvious that such evidence is not required systematically for all inspected parcel, but only to those where “external” data bring further clarification of the observations. The unstructured evidence is required, but should be strictly minimal (1 page scan or print).

It does not mean that screen dumps for each reference parcel should be collected and inserted into a PDF. Only "extra-ordinary" information and screen dumps are appropriate.