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More real world examples are needed

Such examples are already allocated a specific [WikiCAP article] where one can upload specific cases and examples, which can be jointly comment by all users. Real world examples do complement and enrich the ”theoretical” instructions, but cannot provide a full visual interpretation in a way like the schematic illustrations do. Indeed, examples can be either too specific of just not specific enough. The illustrations provided in WikiCAP are generic schematic graphical representations of the instructions and can be then interpreted and applied by the MS in their particular context.

A tutorial for XML parsing is needed in the Wikicap

Due to lack of resources JRC is not in the position to provide such tutorial. Concrete questions can be answered on a case by case basis.

A manual for photo interpretation is needed

JRC cannot provide a general, pan-European manual for photo interpretation since it lacks the site-specific knowledge required for all possible agricultural land cover types. However, basic rules applied on some examples of "typical" agricultural lands are provided.