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Combination GPS measurements and CAPI

Based on the requests from the Member States instructions for such methodology have been elaborated by the JRC.

Merging GPS-based ETS with the OTSC

It is possible, provided that random sampling is guaranteed.

How to vindicate the critical defect “invalid RP boundary” or “not measurable by CAPI when a MS does not have appropriate GNSS infrastructure?

When a MS doesn't have a CORS/POS network installed, it might consider investigating augmentation services such as Ominstar or Starfix who claim to achieve horizontal accuracies of < +/- 15 cm. JRC has not done any tests with either.

Are the concerned MS obliged to setup GNSS infrastructure to comply for QE3 of ETS? Does article 6(d)of 1122/2009 makes the use of such technologies obligatory?

No, MS are not obliged to use GNSS, but if they can’t vindicate such critical defects, their LPIS QA results will become worse.