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DG JRC now operates the “science hub”,, the single website for all our institutes and units. The science hub centralises JRC communications and publications to replace the multitude of JRC websites.

Our former “” website where the GTCAP events were announced and published is no longer online. A "frozen version" of remains accessible via the science hub and it contains all “projects”, “events”, “publications” and “tools” from the former website, albeit with fewer search options. The archive content and its documents will not be uploaded in the science hub and the archive will not undergo maintenance.

To index and facilitate access to presentations of past, live and planned workshops and conferences, we have introduced this article which simply points to the corresponding entries in either the archive or the science hub. Click on the link to open the event website with agenda and presentations.

Note: you can recover any document with a hard coded URL from the former website by replacing "" with "" in that URL. e.g. the orthoguidelines:

UPDATE - January 2020: The JRC IT management has migrated the mars-web-archive behind the firewall, We are currently moving the historic presentations into WikiCAP so they become available again. This re-migration will occur column by column and should be completed in a couple of months. Thank you for your patience.

year MARS annual conference IACS workshop Control Campaign Kick-off LPIS GAEC-greening FAS GNSS
2020 Barcelona, November/December Stuttgart, 8-10 June <<< <<< <<< Budapest, 17-18 March <<<
2019 Prague, 26-28 November - presentations Valladolid, 10-11 April <<< Varese, 13-14 March <<< postponed 2020
2018 Dubrovnik, 21-22 November - Answers to questions asked via Slido Vilnius, 28-30 May - Day 2 discussion sessions <<< <<< <<<
2017 Dublin, 28-29 November abstracts Gent, 29-31 May <<< <<< <<<
2016 Lisbon, 24-25 November Baveno, 23-25 May <<< <<< <<<
2015 Thessaloniki, 24-25 November >>> Varese, 20-21 April Baveno, 23-25 March Prague 21-23 October
2014 Dresden,19-20 November >>> Varese,5-6 March Brussels,22-24 April Brussels,24-26 September
2013 Vilnius,3-4 December >>> Varese,8-9 April Baveno,14-15 October Riga,10-12 September Dublin, 12-14 June Berlin, 5-7 November
2012 Paphos,21-23 November >>> Varese,27-28 March Malta,4-6 June Ispra,8-10 November Praha,5-7 November
2011 Tallinn,23-25 November >>> Varese,29-30 March Amsterdam,6-8 April Vienna,3-5 October Warsaw, 8-9 February Gavirate,24-26 October
2010 Bergamo,24-26 November >>> Ispra,13-15 April Copenhagen,20-22 September Rome,6-8 October Barcelona, 10-11 June Montpellier,11-13 October
2009 Taormina,18-20 November >>> Ispra,6-8 April Tallinn,6-8 October Dublin,28-30 September Schwäbisch Gmünd, 9-10 June
2008 Ljubljana,3-5 December >>> Ispra,3-4 April Sofia,16-18 September GAEC-FAS workshop Ispra,24-26 November Ispra, 24-26 November Dublin,11-13 April
2007 Madrid,12-14 November Rotherdam (NL)
2006 Toulouse (FR) Ispra (IT) Ispra (IT) Bonn (DE) Prague (CZ)
2005 Krakow (PL) Ispra (IT) Wageningen (NL)
2004 Budapest (HU) Ispra (IT) Ispra (IT)
2003 Köln (DE) Pont San Giovanni (IT)
2002 Varese (IT) Ispra (IT)
2001 Baveno (IT) Baveno (IT)
2000 Dublin (IE)
1999 Stresa (it)
1998 Venezia (it)
1997 Baveno (IT)
1996 Baveno (IT)
1995 Baveno (IT)

Other events organized by GTCAP