Designation of areas facing natural and other specific constraints (ANCs)

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Support for farming in areas facing natural constraints aims at compensating farmers for disadvantages due to adverse natural or specific conditions . EU regulation No 1305/2013 provides grounds to delineate such areas as defined in Article 32 using bio-physical criteria spelt in Annex III of the same regulation. The documents available below relate to the designation of (i) areas, other than mountain areas, facing significant natural constraints; and (ii) other areas affected by specific constraints. These reports are written for technical staff in the Member State (MS) administrations, technical departments and organisations contracted to compute the biophysical criteria for ANCs and to map the resulting delimitation. They have been prepared by the European Commission Joint Research Centre as part of its technical support to the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development regarding the implementation of the new delimitation of ANCs. The scientific recommendations in these reports are without prejudice to the legal framework of Regulation 1305/2013.

Updated Guidelines for Applying Common Criteria to Identify Agricultural Ares with Natural Constraints

This document provides guidelines for mapping the proposed common bio-physical soil, climate and terrain criteria for agricultural areas with natural constraints, as spelt out in EU Regulation 1305/2013 (Article 32). The report provides information and explanations on how to apply the common biophysical criteria within the Member States, how to compute them and to map the resulting areas. The guidelines draw on the experience from meetings with Member States and application of the common biophysical criteria on a pan-European level.

Updated common bio-physical criteria to define natural constraints for agriculture in Europe.

Definition and scientific justification for the common biophysical criteria

The purpose of this document is to provide the scientific background information and agronomic rationale for bio-physical criteria identifying natural constraints to agriculture in EU28. The guiding objectives for identifying the current set of criteria stemmed from Regulation (EU) No 1305/2013 (Art. 32 (b)) which referred to ‘areas, other than mountain areas, facing natural constraints.
The criteria and the associated critical limits or threshold values have been tested by Member States of the European Union. Feedbacks and suggestions from Member States simulations have been taken into account to update the list of bio-physical criteria so that the applicability is ensured in EU28.

Scientific contribution on combining biophysical criteria underpinning the delineation of agricultural areas affected by specific constraints

The report aims at providing guidance and recommendations on how to possibly delineate ‘Areas with Specific Constraints’ based on provisions laid-down in Article 32.4 of EU regulation 1305/2013. More specifically, it addresses the possibility of combining two criteria listed in Annex III of the above cited regulation, both within a margin of 20% of the indicated threshold value.