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In the past, LPIS QA had to be performed yearly, at a specific reference date, originally the data of the pre-established form, later than the deadline for the farmer’s declaration. With the arrival of independent LPIS QA imagery and the ability to correctly report changes due to the ongoing upkeep processes, the impact of the reference data has weakened.

From 2016 onwards, the LPIS assessment can be performed at any time as soon as the inspection methodology is laid down and the necessary imagery become availability. In practice, upload of the population via the LPIS QA portal is allowed from July.

DG JRC who has already started acquiring LPIS QA imagery in early spring, will use the previous’ year population to establish whether a bonus image would be needed to ensure the coverage of a sufficient number of reference parcels. The LPIS custodian shall contact DG JRC without delay in case the previous population should not be used as a proxy for the current population.

When all planned and bonus imagery passed the IDQA by DG JRC, DG JRC will issue a confirmation of that acquisition completion. From that point on, the LPIS custodian alone will be responsible for the completion of his assessment reports by 31st of January.

If not already done earlier, the LPIS custodian shall upload his TG population data from which DG JRC will produce a sample pre-selection within 10 working days after both the complete image set and population become available to DG JRC.

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