Data capture of the point coordinates

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The point geometry of the reference parcel/item of inspection must be generated by an algorithm that satisfies the three following conditions:

  • Membership: The generated geometry must be located inside the agricultural (or eligible non-agricultural) land of the originating polygon (i.e. inside or on the polygon shape itself, not in a doughnut or cavity);
  • Uniqueness: Each generated geometry must be unique (i.e. two reference parcels cannot share a common point geometry);
  • Deterministic: The generated point cannot be random (i.e. applying the algorithm on the same polygon must always generate the same point geometry).

Provided, the three conditions remain satisfied, each LPIS custodian remains free to choose its algorithm. However, the same algorithm should be kept from year to year unless the LPIS custodian duly motivates a change in algorithm.

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