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This is the category-article for the Annex X - Technical guidance on Implementation eXtra Information for Testing (TG IXIT) DS/CDP/2016/04-part B. An IXIT typically provides the details on the organization and storage of concepts in the SUT as well as on the means of access to and modification of the SUT.

  • A draft guidance MSword document was distributed and presented on the DPMM on June 28th, 2016.
  • Important edits since that draft are coloured in maroon colours.
  • The WikiCAP category represents the only live and updated version of the technical guidance. To browse or print this guidance, go to its start page TG IXIT.
  • The content of these technical guidance articles and online pdf-prints resides in a single so-called template-article. The template's history tag tracks all content changes.

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