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[[Glossary#{{{1}}}|<span title="{{{2}}} GOTO GLOSSARY" style="border-bottom:1px dotted">{{{3}}}</span>]]<noinclude>
[[Glossary#{{{1}}}|<span title="{{{2}}}" style="border-bottom:1px dotted">{{{3}}}</span>]]<noinclude>

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(The template info below is not shown when the template is used in a page)


A template to create a tooltip and link to the glossary.


Adds a title to the selected text, which can be viewed in most browsers by holding the mouse cursor over the underlined text. When clicking the link you will be pointed to the corresponding glossary text.


  • Replace my_glossary_header for the header as it is present in the glossary page (case sensitive).
  • Replace my_hover_text for any text that you want to display when hovering over the link.
  • Replace my_link_text for the word that needs explanation in the glossary.



{{Gloshint|MCYFS|Mars Crop Yield Forecasting System. |MCYFS}}

result: MCYFS