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Region of Interest

Geographical framing of the products of the different sensors in MCYFS

Dxy = pixel size/resolution (1°/112=0.00892857143)

XminYmax = Map co-ordinates of IMG-edges, which are the co-ordinates of the outer edges of these pixels.

Ncol, Nrec, Npix = number of columns, records and pixels



All the MCYFS remote sensing data over the pan-European continent are stored in the INSPIRE-LAEA system, as prescribed by the EU INSPIRE initiative. The INSPIRE-LAEA system is defined as follows:

  • Geodetical datum: ETRS89
  • Map Projection:
    • Family: Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area (LAEA), with the formulae holding for the ellipse (Snyder, 1987).
    • Projection ellipse: GRS80 (same as WGS84)
    • True origin at Lon0 = 10.00°, Lat0 = 52.00°
    • Map shift: false easting X0 = 4 321 000 m, false northing Y0 = 3 210 000 m
  • Image Framing: the northwestern corner is fixed (Xmin=2 275 000 m, Ymax=5 415 000 m) but the southeastern extension varies slightly with the resolution.