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PROCMAN is an application, consisting of a collection of packages and datasets, to assist procedures as CMETEO, LTA_YIELD, RUM to do their processing in many heterogenous environments.

In PROCMAN you define a procedure, like CMETEO. Also you define processes for which CMETEO can run. Next you list datasets and other objects needed to run the procedure for each process you identified. Relevant datasets/objects can be datasources as input or output, other datsources used to check the process, functions or packages, or even triggers used by the main procedure. Some or even all objects may be presentated by synonyms. Mostly, synonyms are usefull to point the right objects in an environment for which more than one process is defined. (as in CGMS12EU 2 processes for CMETEO are defined, indicated as Regions and AEZ).

PROCMAN will generate the synonyms at the beginning of the run, before the main processing starts. So, the procedure, e.g. CMETEO, will point to the right objects for the process to fullfit. Also, PROCMAN checks the availability of other objects before the main processing starts.

PROCMAN also supplies the procedure with values for some parameters needed by the procedure to initiate the process.