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Daily, dekadal and monthly products (S1/S10/S30)

The RS information is named in the following, generic way:

  • S = Sensor or Source
    • U: SPOT-VGT
  • P = Periodicity
    • D: Daily values
    • T: 10-daily, dekadal values
    • M: Monthly values
  • date = Startdate of the concerned period. Three different formats (depending on P) for:
    -daily files:	yyMdd (exceptional)
    -dekadal files:	yytt
    -monthly files:	yymm
             -yy:	year (50-99=1950-1999, 00-49=2000-2049). 
                        years 50-63 for HY: 50-60=deciles (55=median), 61=Ngood, 62=µ, 63=σ 
             -M:	month-character (A=January, L=December) 
             -mm:	month_in_year (01-12) 
             -tt:	dekad_in_year (01-36) 
             -dd:       day_in_month (01-31) 
  • V = Image Variable (see table below), mostly though not always 1 character.
  • D = Difference type (added only for difference images, not for normal images):
         Differences with regard to previous year:	
              *	a:		Absolute difference
              *	r: 		Relative difference
         Differences with regard to historical year	
              *	0:		ADVI	Absolute Difference VI
              *	1:		RDVI	Relative Difference VI
              *	3:		RRVI  	Relative Range VI 	(= VCI when applied on NDVI)
              *	4:		HPVI 	Historical Probability VI	(= VPI when applied on NDVI)
  • eee = Filename extension
         IMG/HDR:	ENVI/GLIMPSE-formatted image
         PNG:		QuickLook
         RUM:		RUM-file (ASCII-TXT) 

Image Variables V per Sensor S


V=Variable suffix in filenames, BPP=Byte_Per-Pixel, UNI=Uniflag (No/Yes)

Special codes: A/B=for Band 3A/B on AVHRR/3

Image Variables

Annual products (S360): clustering and similarity

The annual products follow a different filename convention, which is outlined below. SyyUdkv.img/hdr/png


An individual annual series comprises 1 to 36 dekads. If the series is complete, a new year is started. The symbol yy indicates the year which at the end comprises most of the dekads in the series. For instance, in early April 2011, when the 9 first dekads of 2011 are available:

  • The actual m-series then only comprises 3 dekads (March) and is labelled with yy=11. This label is kept until the series is completed (36 dekads) at the end of February 2012. Then a new one will be started with yy=12.
  • The actual o-series comprises 18 dekads (October 2010  March 2011) and is also labelled with yy=11. At the end of September it will be complete (36 dekads) and in October 2011 a new o-series will be started for the next year (yy=12).