Calculation of long term average crop indicators

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The calculation of long term averages is done for each crop indicator and for each individual geographical feature on a 10 daily base. A dedicated software package called LTA_YIELD is developed to do all calculations.

For the following basic parameters average values are calculated:

  • Potential above ground biomass
  • Water limited above ground biomass
  • Potential storage organs biomass
  • Water limited storage organs biomass
  • Potential Leaf Area Index
  • Water limited Leaf Area Index
  • Crop development stage (DVS)
  • Relative soil moisture
  • Total water consumption
  • Total water requirement
  • volumetric soil moisture content in rooted zone (FSM)
  • volumetric soil moisture content in not rooted zone (FSMUR)
  • Leaves died by cold
  • Run off
  • Soil evaporation
  • Loss to subsoil

Besides the average also minimum, maximum, standard deviation and count are calculated (grid and administrative resolution only). The long term average data based on weather observations is stored in tables:

The long term average data based on forecasted weather is stored in tables: