Appendix 6: Flow diagrams

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Weather Monitoring

Flowchart overview weather monitoring.jpg

Ingestion into database

Flowchart ingestion into database.jpg

System initialisation

Flowchart system initialisation.jpg

Calculation of advanced parameters

Flowchart calculation of advanced parameters.jpg

Long term average station weather calculation

Flowchart lta station weather calculation.jpg

Weather data availability calculation

Flowchart weather data availability calculation.jpg

Grid weather interpolation

Flowchart grid weather interpolation.jpg

Long term average grid weather calculation

Flowchart lta grid weather calculation.jpg

Aggregate of interpolated weather to administrative regions and agri-environmental zones

Flowchart aggregation to admin regions and aez.jpg

Crop Simulation

Flowchart overview crop simulation.jpg

Crop growth simulation

Flowchart crop growth simulation.jpg

Aggregation of simulated yield to administrative (level 3)

Flowchart aggregation to administrative regions level 3.jpg

Aggregation of simulated yield to administrative (level 2, 1 and 0)

Flowchart aggregation to administrative regions level 210.jpg

Yield Forecasting

Flowchart overview yield forecasting.jpg

Preparation data for yield forecast

Flowchart preparation data for yield forecast.jpg

Yield forecasting

Flowchart yield forecasting.jpg