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Welcome to WikiCAP

This site brings together the consolidated reference to be used for the technical aspects of IACS implementation (on the spot checks, LPIS development and management), linked to Commission Regulation 1122/2009, supporting the management and control of data collected for CAP direct payments, with other information relevant to geoinformation management under the CAP.

The information has been compiled and developed using many of the technical documents making up the JRC's support to DG AGRI and Member States over the years.

Getting the information you need

Below you can find links to top-level subjects:

  • On the spot checks: control methods used for the on the spot (OTS) checks may use a variety of approaches and tools:
  • LPIS: These pages start you on the process of creating and maintaining Land Parcel Identification System LPIS, the main geo-database in IACS.
  • Cross Compliance: Main page for the implementation, management and monitoring/control of Cross Compliance

Other ways to get into the information presented in these pages:

  • Glossary: this page should try and keep track of the most relevant technical terms and TLA's (three letter acronyms)
  • Description of Terms: Description of the most common terms used
  • Multilingual Vocabulary: A multilingual vocabulary of terms used in Control with Remote Sensing

You can search for keywords in the field on the left side of this window. The Go button will take you to a page with that keyword name, the Search button will give you a list of pages most relevant.

The "Tag cloud" below represents a way of showing which pages are most often "tagged" with a keyword (category). For example, lots of pages on this site are tagged with the keyword CwRS - so it appears big. Click on a keyword to get a list of all the pages tagged with that key word.

Getting help

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Here's where we will do the online discussion for the development

And here's a place for members of Sysop group

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